Fourtyfour = Four Haikus

Photo by Christina Hernández on Unsplash
  1. Happy Birthday

You turn forty-four.

Every day I love you more.

Come, pamper galore.

2. All of you in all of me

You fill me up, XXX.

My soul, sex, mouth, brain, heart, hands.

It’s never enough.



Hey Sarah,

I'm writing anonymously, so I've been writing to a tiny audience. It makes the writing very free, but after a while creating into a vacuum... is as strange as isolation in a pandemic 😂. Would you consider published work?

Either way, I've got some fun stuff coming. Do add me to your list. Thanks very much.



From the depths of lockdown

I didn’t write a hot sex scene
It would have been limited
By my imagination

Did you know
I love talking to strangers
And if I met a Craver

I’d throw him questions
Just to keep him
A little bit longer

Your voice
So calm, soaked
In something moist

Through little square glass
I watch you
Slowly unfold

When I’m free to roam again

Maybe you’ll feel like
Inviting me to where
Your energy flows

I’ll follow the current
Feeling around for a secret
Or will you find one of mine?

Did you like my dreams?
Of an old soul
I may have met before





Truth-Speaker with occassional Foot-In-Mouth Disease. Sometimes Sexy Beast. Sometimes Asian Aunty. Gen-X. Woman. In Berlin.